Teacher’s development workshop

‘Real’ Communicative Language Teaching, Based on Immersion Learning Principles

A workshop given by Tony Penston, author of A Concise Grammar for English Language Teachers and Essential Phonetics for English Language Teachers.

 Thursday 5th May 2016  2 pm  HolidayInn Turin   Register now on Eventbrite

“Communicative Language Teaching is widely misunderstood and misapplied.” (J. Scrivener)

In this workshop, after being at the International IATEFL Conference in Birmingham, Tony continues his quest to make Communicative Language Teaching easier to understand and apply. This he does by interpreting communicative learning principles as Immersion Learning Principles, which include grammar and pronunciation practice. This entails learning some challenging but ‘real’ communicative techniques and activities; but it also entails discontinuing many techniques and activities which we may regard as normal, many of which are taught on teacher training courses and used in coursebooks. Audience participation and questions will be invited on this thought-provoking topic.

Attendance certificate will be issued at end of workshop.